Our App Features

T2D patients can discover new food options by weekly diabetic recipes recommendation and simplify the process of thinking about what to eat and where to buy the items by integrating a collection of recipes for diabetics and a real-time navigational map in a grocery store.

Diabetic Recipe Recommendations and Wayfinding

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In front of the produce section, T2D users hold the mobile app to scan. The app uses computer vision and objects recognition to show diabetic-friendly labels on healthy food items to the diabetics.

Diabetic Friendly Foods Recognition

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T2D users can readily find out which food item works best for them based on the key information that they most care about after selecting multiple food items for comparison.

Food Comparison

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There are too many food choices in a grocery store. It is time-consuming for people with T2D to identify the right options in the process.  

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Information Overload

There is even too much conflicting information about nutrition facts on food packages. As a result, T2D patients are overwhelmed.


Food Comparison

T2D users can readily find out which food item works best for them based on the key information that they most care about after selecting multiple food items for comparison.


Brimly reduces the primary problems of frustration, information overload, and boredom that Type 2 Diabetes sufferers encounter during grocery shopping.


Less is more

Brimly distills the flood of conflicting food choices for diabetics into a refreshing view of the right ones, which are all on the device the shopper usually possesses.


Progressive learning

While Brimly learns what nutritional criteria are most important to the T2D users, so do the users learn new diabetic-friendly recipes, turning boredom into a sense of lively and interesting opportunities.



The ultimate goal of Brimly is to make foods associated with the diabetic diet into a magnificent gift, rather than a curse tied to a scary illness.


How Brimly functions

Brimly is a mobile app that helps people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) effectively and efficiently choose food when grocery shopping. The computer vision technology enables users to quickly identify diabetic-friendly food. Through augmented reality, T2D patients can quickly explore key nutritional facts and easily compare multiple products at the same time to meet their personal needs. Amidst a rapid growth of food products and trends, Brimly can empower diabetics to make food choices in a refreshing way and embrace new and different foods




Yue Yuan

is a designer who is passionate about problem-solving. She uses design thinking to inform digital products and meaningful experiences for users. Previously, she published six patents in the field of user experience that is from touch screen to augmented reality.  One of the inventions has been commercially applied to an HP Smart Print software tool packaged with an annual distribution estimated at around 30 million printers..

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Ning Xu

is a UX designer, Entrepreneur, and World traveler. She is passionate about solving complex problems and designs products to empower users. She also has experienced a lot of diverse cultures through volunteering as Teaching Assistant in Cape Town South Africa, worked as an organic farm in Nice and an assistant manager of a fruit garden in Hamilton New Zealand.